Confessions of a single mom (part 1)

so when I first found myself divorced, single parenting was a piece of cake.  I had 50 / 50 custody of my son, and had every other week to myself .. i really missed my son those weeks but also enjoyed the “me time” (Does that make me a horrible mother?  I mean let’s face it. .. I was working a full time and part time job. .. I needed those few days !!) So when I found myself pregnant and single with my second son. … I had absolutely no idea what to expect. .. I honestly thought that the universe would just rearrange itself for this new child. . Oh boy was I wrong!! I found myself at almost 30 years old ( I will forever be 29 and holding,  I will always be “almost” 30 ) living back at home with my parents cramped with a new baby and my then 4 year old.  I love you mom and dad but ….. this was not my ideal situation.  Honestly, being both mom and dad really is a hard job.. sometimes it feels hopeless and impossible.  I often worry about how Jace will react when he is a little older and realizes his older brother leaves every other week to go stay with his father … I will start to hear the questions about where his own father is. .. it’s a bumpy ride now being a single mom, and I am fully aware of the fact that it will never be easy … parenting in general is never easy single or not, but I now know it is never impossible.   So to any other single moms (or dads) keep your heads up, Hearts open and backbone strong, you will make it.. your hair may be a little thinner and state of mind a little more unstable haha but you can get through this thing called parenting!

No family is perfect. …

Every family is a little crazy … or in our case maybe alot crazy!  We are just a bunch of knuckleheads that God brought together in this life. We argue we throw tantrums we make mistakes, and there are some days where the  unkindnesses far outweigh the acts of love.  But thank goodness for HIS mercies .

New to the blogging world

Hey there! My name is Holly, I am a single mom of two crazy but amazing little boys (or crib midgets as I like to often call them) I work both a full and part time job,  and still find myself struggling.   Just wanted a place to encourage other single moms, or any mom by talking about the ups, downs, and craziness of being a mom and Stiletto wearing HOT-mess! Haha! Bear with me, I am far from being an English major or  writer !!